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Right I have had complaints, from certain parties who shall remain anonymous, (DELBOY)!!!!!! say this page has not changed for a while....

I am trying to see if I can get the stallholders together for this....

Tynemouth Crafts

take a peek and see what you think

well if you look at the home page you can see where my energies have been directed the last few weeks..

Pictures always speak louder than words, and hence I have left all the old piccies down the bottom so you can still peruse them at your leisure... just click on them and they will enlarge themselves..

NOW I want all your piccies for the web, all you NEW mummies out there and the special Christmas Mummies, we need your pictures  to fill in this page.  so start emailing me with them or post them or just bring them down the market and I will scan them and return them....

see the "CONTACT US" page for our email and address

so all this empty space is now awaiting your input,

Jokes, poetry, stories anything at all just send it  and I will place it here for you and everyone else to read

Thanks for taking the time to visit us...




Here are some photo's of the market for those who have not been Yet!

Just click on one to enlarge it!!


Here are some of the old photo's from the last page,  just click on them to enlarge them






















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if you have any comments about our nursery or would like to appear on this web page please just come and see us at Tynemouth we are always open to your suggestions