To My

I have always been interested in all aspects of art,
For the past five years I have enjoyed making and creating the wonderful babies called Reborns
With each creation there is always a passion and a joy of achievement that has always gives me true fulfilment
have also found the wonderful feeling of creation that Sculpting has gave me
I feel that each new creation is from my soul,
The sculpts you are about to see are but just a few of my expressions
Through The Gift of God My Hands

This little girl was my First ever Sculpt
But so very special to me after I had created her there was a difference
about her that I just could not understand,
But I was told by a Professional baby Practitioner that my sculpt was in fact a
Down Syndrome 












This Little Boy which is my Second Sculpt was a full size baby

This One was my first Little mimi Sculpt
Baby Holly




This Little Boy was My first Sculpt I Sold on E-bay




Keep looking for more new OOAK Babies to come



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