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Rosemary Scott


"Rosemary first saw a 'reborn baby' in 2001 on the Internet, and feeling quite shocked by its realism, began a long voyage of discovery, to find out how she too, could create these fantastic 'babies' herself.


Through spending many hours researching about these 'little creations', on literally thousands of Websites and Web pages, she found that this unique and enthralling craft was only just starting to appear across the United Kingdom.


By virtue of already completing a three year college course in Art, Rosemary's instinctively knew that her undoubted talents would soon come to the fore and due to the fact of already having three children, plus nine grandchildren, her maternal instincts would eventually lead her into the fascinating world or 'Reborning'.


Her first 'excursion' into this fascinating Art, began with a doll bought from a 'second hand' stall.  This doll would eventually develop into 'Arianna'.  Being so thrilled at her 'creation', Rosemary immediately went out and bought a brand new doll for her to 'Reborn'.


Now of course, after 'Reborning' so many babies, her craft has finally been recognised by the 'Lifelike Reborn Artists Guild' and she now distributes her beautiful 'babies' to a world wide audience.


Would she now become 'Big-headed' I hear you say? No, of course not.  You can meet Rosemary yourself every Saturday and Sunday, by visiting the Tynemouth Arts and Crafts Fair held on the station platforms.  By virtue of bringing her 'Art' to the public, she now realises that so many people still do not have access to the world of technology, so each weekend, her admiring fans flock there to both see and to 'cuddle' these enchanting creations.


Why not pop along one dreary weekend and see for yourselves how these 'Mini-marvels' seem to capture the imagination of all who see them.  If you do feel the need to pick one up and cuddle it, please ensure that any passing folk are all too aware that it is in fact a 'Doll' you are holding, and not a real baby.  Indignant comments about how 'people should know better, when holding a child' may illicit serious bouts of merriment on your part".  You have been warned!!!!


(excerpt from "Rosemary's Nursery"- an autobiography by Derek Jobe)

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